Dike Dyke Williams is an Author with Inner Child Press, USA. He is a recipient of more six literary awards, including the Janet Caldwell poetry award and best fiction award, Voicesnet International, USA. Dyke was shortlisted for the Acaculturism 2015 top fifty writers award, an award that has been previously won by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.
He studied poetry at Boston University online, under the tutelage of Professor Robert Pinsky (former poet laureate of the United States of America).

Dyke has also received online courses from world renown universities, from Harvard University, Boston University and Berklee College of Music, and was certified by the three of them in 2014 and 2015 through Edx. He contributed to world peace, by joining poets from continents of the world to publish their peace poetry in 2012. His poems have been published on the World Peace Poetry Anthology, The Copperfield Review, The Kalahari Review, International Nelson Mandela Poetry Tribute, Society of Young Nigerian Writers’ poetry anthology and more.

The grace of God cannot be separated from Dyke’s chapters of life…He is a gospel music Ambassador, gospel songwriter, Vocalist and national treasure, with the stage-name Dyke Music. Dyke is the Publisher of Nigeria’s outstanding gospel Music Magazine, Pearls Magazine. A magazine running digitally, that has interviewed some of the best gospel music ministers locally and internationally. His works have been read by thousands of readers worldwide, especially his inspirational poems. His poetry has been awarded three times, both locally and internationally.

Dyke is a forever friend of God, Motivational Speaker, who has tremendous passion in impacting the next generation of leaders, Achievers and world-changers for God’s Kingdom.

His first poetry book titled ‘My First Poetry Book’ was published in 2013. His other works can be read by google-searching Dike Dyke Williams.


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