If I Must Go With You


If I must tell you yes,
before the evening sun sinks
into abyss,
then I must see your eyes
that traveled too long, and away
from my eyes…

If I must go with you,
I must wait till the spring
blossom the fields we once
shared, before the ashes punctured
the blossoms of promise…

If I must go with you,
then I must hold your hand,
and let our hearts beat in one voice…
We will walk through the roads
we never been, don’t know what lurks,
but rough paths lead to jewel…

If I must follow you till the end,
the place we don’t know what lurks,
I must hold your hand into
the blossoms and small tears of life,
with God’s face on our faces,
His dew fanning this love undying to the end…

From the anthology ‘Journey Back to the Source’

(c). Dike Dyke Williams


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