Revenge is the poison that kills both its carrier and the victim. Three major things make men go to war: hatred, pride and revenge. But revenge is like fire, it remains only ashes after it has burnt. Revenge will make people destroy what they should have kept alive. People who are vengeful are the most dangerous to be with.

Revenge will take away your happiness. Happiness is so powerful that when we are in that mood, we ignore and tolerate many things and people. But a vengeful person, because of the hatred he or she has inside hardly gets amused. The reason is that the nature of what they carry inside does not permit a joyful mood. You need anger and hatred to revenge.

Secondly, revenge will not give you peace. Peace is far from someone who plans to revenge. When they see or remember the one they plan to hurt, anger comes alive. An angry person is not peaceful, you cannot give what you don’t have.

You may hurt the innocent. Some people go after the children of the person they are planning to hurt.

Sometimes people think they know the best way to revenge, especially trying to hit the victim on the pain-est place, but in trying to justify our jungle justice, we show unfairness, in the end we have done no justice. But have killed a man and his innocence!

Revenge imports more vices. A virtous person could lose the virtue because of the quest for revenge. This happens because revenge will allow more vices into the life of the person who carries it. And, it will even affect those they love who are dear to them. Revenge has the nature to spoil everything…

Revenge will not allow forgiveness. GOD makes it clear that the one who shows mercy receives it. It then means that the one who refuses mercy gets no mercy. That makes a man remain guilty, and fustrated. Until he or she may even contemplate suicide.

Revenge will take anyone who has it to a wild journey, that may result to death. Mandela had to drop it at the gate, because it is another prison.Revenge is like the burning sun, it burns us all.


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