Who am I not to dare?

Dare dreams and speak from

My stage, despite whispers that

Say the stage is for the golden

Children, with roses on their

Tables in readied mansions.


What am I not to tunnel

Through the rocks life impedes

Me, and channel through the

Fire to come up with gold,

Like miners decorated after

The arrival from dust days of life…


Who am I not to emanate

From the inside I hid, and

Say my voice, the assembly

Of the world hear we flew to

Where dreams hanged, and

Let down…


Who am I not to touch

The sky, dare dreams too

Heavy, mount my own

Wonder, so that they see,

And say: who crossed these

Lines survived, and conquered

The beasts to reach the place

The heart had met with the skies….

     (C) DykeWilliams.    From ‘GOD: As I See Him’, my new manuscript.

   Buy my poetry book here: http://www.innerchildpress.com/dyke-williams.php


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