The killings in Jos, Nigeria is the longest unrest that has persisted in recent years, including the Boko Haram insurgency. It is seen as Midnight that has refused the morning to come…So, Midnight has remained in eternity. This poem is divided into seven parts. The first and second parts will be published online. While the remaining five will appear in the second anthology I plan to publish in 2014, titled: ‘GOD: As I See Him’. Buy my first book of poetry here: www.innerchildpress.com/dyke-williams.php.


Night stole peace that roofed there,

The place were peace was king, and

peace like virus spread…

The life with a heart gave way for the

Dragon’s claws.

The blooded dragon drenched

With children’s blood returns

With red in the rain…

Everything white is re-fashioned

With blood.

We buried the knife the other day,

The dragon’s faithful unsheathed

The knife from the iron-earth that

Held firm…

They want more blood,

And have turned sun to midnight.

Like heroes unforgotten, immortalized,

They have kept the dragon’s claws to reign

In the existence of eternity.

Is the blood of children long

Time wasted not enough?

Will their tears, still meeting

The memories of a nation

Not do?

They are bringing holocaust

On earth, and will push every

Life to get the taste…

The first seed of compromise

Has grown the big tree. And,

The harvest overflows the barn.

Everything dies from the spoilt

Seed we did not dig out.

We wait for life to convalesce

Itself, but keep wild seeds…

It’s too wise and too foolish

To let go, so the rain of blood

Gathers again, like seasons ever

In turns…

We present before GOD

With covered filth, insincere,

And got the prayer of panic….



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