Blood is speaking from the waste

The wasters wasted them.

We watched blood rush like the

Niger, and have seen much blood

And water in even state…

So, more water, more blood,

More deaths register the toll.

What are we now?

What waste, and life is flashed out…

The faithful of death on the run

To speed death again. Like gain

From a game to enjoy the end

Of life.

We have lived with men with

Wild hearts, and they bring down the

Sun into our houses to take the world


They want to dig the world away,

And remain their midnight hearts

On us.

We wait to breathe freshness,

But the air has a poison, the venom

Will not make us sleep….

    (C) DykeWilliams

            Buy my poetry book here: http://www.innerchildpress.com/dyke-williams.php


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