(Originally published by the Copperfield Review .)

Rush of colors,
divert of the brush
instead to paint,
Angelo fights the
the burning beg
of gifts, which now
to work?
large talent war
the battle to win
on the big land of

Another color, immortal for
the eternal Christ…
Sung on Handel’s
notes: mysterious Hallelujah
chorus, tearing the long gone
soul into Hallelujah bliss!
He sang, Angelo
painted, as Angels dictate
which tone best
broke the messiah’s heart!

The pi eta tore my devotion
to shreds, as the mother
looked the body-torn
son, and what God
in mystery notes sang
through the apocalypse,
what life to awake mankind
from eternity’s death-waste.

was Archangel writing genius-scroll
in your christening?
What gift so ocean,
that the waves meet towards
this age…
And time messaged time
what name we hear, and the
stages of the later times still
in grace’s womb!

Did the Almighty
create anew on
eight day?
He cannot break
like human’s frailty.
Then, how was
your brain forged?
Which fires pound
your sinews?
Questions will
birth questions,
but the Almighty
nest answers in
eternity’s space
where time cannot
protect, only the life on the Arts
tell the big book….



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