African Woman,
Ebony like black diamond
Costly to bargain for mint…
Woman who walked miles
The sun and held life’s
Fire with smiles.

African Woman,
Black Tigress, who
Opened the dew of
The morning sky, and
Rained nested honey
To sweet away Africa’s sores.

African Woman,
Strong like Tigress;
You remain in your
Eternal charm.
Dancing untired the
Classic rhythm of the Tom Tom,
And, surrounded with beating
Tom Tom before the strong
Beat on skin-back.

African Woman,
Resilient Lioness of
Wild house, like a
Hunter you shot us to
And we fight life
With strange strength.


African Woman,
Strong like Tigress,
Black Warrior who held her
Husband drink from
The lion’s den.

 (C) DykeWilliams


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