This rhythm will outplay the song
Of the African TomTom, and will
Eternal overwhelm the voices of the
Talking drum…
It’s the dance of the Madiba
Of Africa, the great seed of the
Qunu people…
He is their pride, their own,
Who showed like the eternal
Verses , that something great
Can emanate from Nazareth…
This dance is the rhythm of truth,
Of the scars for freedom coming
From everything Madiba touched,
That touched Madiba…
Let Africa dance, but switch to the
Madiba’s dance…
A dance of care, of tender foregiveness,
After the cutting blades of Apartheid…
Africa, let that blade pass, in the spirit
Of Madiba, let GOD breathe everything afresh…
Let them say a poet of Africa
Danced to see Madiba in flesh,
Let posterity say a poet unto GOD
Saw the days of the conscience
Of Africa…
This dance is the Madiba’s dance,
Of peace and bearing everything,
Living for the poor in that shanty hut,
 And sharing the brunch with the unsung people
In the hinder parts…
If we must dance Madiba’s
 Dance, we must exist for
The other man, the dying in
The winter nights, and others
Wasting in the war-sun…
Then, we will have grown
Into the trees, from the eternal
Seeds Madiba sowed….
                                                                   © 2013. Dike Dyke Williams.
From the anthology: ‘GOD:  As I See Him.’

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