Almost everybody sets goals. We all, especially in our youthful age, aspire to be one thing or another; athletes, musicians, footballers, bankers, astronauts, farmers, mei suya, etc. Many even make elaborate plans to achieve these feats. However, you would observe that not many people turn out to be what they wanted to be; this is because they lacked certain important tools and timeless principles which would guide them safely to their goals. Here I would provide you with these tools and explain them as best as I can. By carefully and systematically applying these tools in your career plan, you’d notice a rapid progress in the achievement of your goals.  They are:

EDUCATION:  This word usually brings to mind the formal system of gaining knowledge through schools and institutions of learning. However, by ‘education’ I mean the acquisition of information through any means, formal or informal. We live in the information age where knowledge rules the world; where the highest paid people are those who have great deal of information in certain areas of expertise. Not necessarily formally educated people but people who are more knowledgeable in what they do than others in the same profession. Before you go into any career, ask yourself: how much do I know about this career? Because without knowledge you will not go very far, you will always be surpassed by those whose have more information than you do. As the timeless saying goes, “knowledge is power”. Always remember this: education (acquisition of knowledge) saves time, resources, energy, effort, expenditure. The more knowledge you have in an area the faster and easier and more certain it is that you can get the result that is expected of you in that area. Seek out time to read, browse the internet, ask questions and ponder about your desired career path. The rule is: if you want to earn more you must learn more.

SKILL: This is another important tool you need to achieve your goals. I define skill as ability or set of abilities involved or required to carry out a particular task. It is imperative that you seek and acquire whatever skill that is required in your career of interest. Skills help you achieve good results in your area of interest; greater level of skill, however, will produce even better results. Also, once you have acquired a skill, you should look for opportunities put it to use. The more you apply your skill, the better you get at it and the more experienced you become in your area of interest, and the more results you would be able to achieve in less and less time. If you want to be a writer for instance, you must write at least fifty lines every day; you must read other articles; you must learn how to use words, phrases, idioms, etc. you must seek out opportunities to apply your writing skill so as to boost your confidence. Doing this will no doubt make you an expert writer with time.

CONTACTS: Who do you know and who knows you? Having a large contact consisting of important people in your career of interest goes a long way to bring your skill to lime-light. Whatever you do in life involves people; somebody somewhere, somehow; directly or indirectly must use or benefit from your abilities. The more people you know and who know your skill greatly improves your chances of success in a particular field, unless all the people you know are dead. When you are good at what you do and people know you, they will talk about you and your abilities. Before you rise to a new level in an industry or profession you need someone to help you. Take time to go out and meet people that matter in your career of interest. Attend meetings, social gatherings, symposiums, join clubs and interact with people; ask questions, talk about yourself and your skills. Put yourself in the minds of people by keeping in touch; through writing to, calling or emailing them but do not pester them, unless they ask you to. When you do this, people will always have you in mind and whenever they need someone in your line of work, guess who they will call? Me, of course.

There are other tools that are also important to your quest to achieve your goals but these three, plus a positive mental attitude, will greatly accelerate and improve your chances of success. Remember also that each of these tools require time and effort for you to acquire them, so be patient.


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